Bollywood stars who married their childhood dearies

In India, Bollywood is believed to be one of the most intriguing and well known movie industries out of the in-numerous. It is here amidst a world of glamour that we witness relationships undergoing several degree of changes. However, despite such a lifestyle, there are couples who have surpassed the pangs of separation, while promoting healthy relationship goals with their first love for years of togetherness now. In this world, it is often believed that a relationship doesn’t rest without a tinge of friendship in it and hence it is a proven fact if we rely our vision over some of the best couples of Bollywood who were friends in their early days. Here’s a list of real life couples from Bollywood, who present an overtly positive perspective of love and friendship through their ever growing bonds right from the early days of their lives.

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan:

The king of romance and the conqueror of a million hearts, Shahrukh Khan. He has an ever perfect real life love story to share just like he does in his films. It is a fact that many do not know, but the legendary actor, Shahrukh fell for his wife Gauri Khan in the very first encounter when he was just 18 years old. Records state that they met through a common friend’s party in Delhi and from then, the ever famous story off theirs swift. Although they had a pretty eloquent journey through the dating period, but their relationship to finally bind into the fragment of marriage was a difficult one as both belonged to two different religions. However, with sheer determination and a strong bond of love, they got married to each other on 25th October, 1991.

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal:

Varun Dhawan shares a sweet, serene and simple love story with his childhood love, Natasha Dalal. The little lovebirds have been dating each other since their early school days. As has been told by Varun in different interviews, he fell in love with Natasha in the very first sight and that memory of his forever remains as an iconic one in his heart. Both Varun and Natasha out of the blue are the only Bollywood actors that have never barged to make public appearances, while accepting and acknowledging their relationship in front of everyone. The most favorite duo in a recent development had got married to each other, which is 24th of January, 2021, hence making it all clear that they are inseparable. Successfully establishing some major childhood love goals, Varun and Natasha are the prime discussion of the hour on everyone’s lips.

Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap:

As has been evident in his movies, Ayushmann Khurrana is a rising star who loves to trace the unique and unconventional angles of everything. It is hence reflective in his love story too, which spread its root in a physics class with his ever favorite, Tahira Kashyap. Both of them from their early life shared a crush for each other but as fate smirked, didn’t confess it for a long time. But when they did, both shared an assured and accommodating feeling of love for each other, which has bound both of them in a commitment of a lifetime. Both Ayushmann and Tahira had a tough time convincing their parents but they finally did and married each other in 2011 and till date are floating strong through the ups and downs of life.

Sunil Shetty and Mana Shetty:

Sunil Shetty owns a renowned Bollywood image of being an angry and stiff man but when we sneak into his love life, it becomes clear that he is as romantic as any other sensible man is in this world. Both Sunil and Mana dated for almost a decade before getting married. Beyond that, due to sharing an extravagant cultural difference, both had to undergo a series of back breaking tasks for almost 9 years to get a legitimate yes from their families. But when they did and got married in 1991, the couple was marked as one of the most successful and hit Jodi of the decade, which continues to spread it’s aura till today.

Zayed Khan and Malaika Parekh:

Zayed and Malaika rightfully proves the ever famous saying from Karan Johar’s mastery, which is “love is friendship”. Both of them went to the same college and it is from there that they sowed their seed of love, which is fruitfully enriching till today’s time. Zayed has a number count of proposing Malaika for four times, after which they tied their knot in 2005, making their relationship official.

Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhvani:

Fardeen Khan induced his love to his childhood friend Natasha, in one of the most romantic proposal on a flight from London to the U.S, which was a transatlantic one. The loving couple got married in 2005 and it is witnessed that their bond keeps growing with time and age.

Bobby Deol and Tanya:

Bobby Deol met the love of his Tanya in an Italian restaurant of Mumbai and it is here where he fell wildly in love with her on the very first sight. He as an individual has always believed in letting out his thoughts in a clear and simple manner and in the same fashion he pitched about his love to Tanya, who happily accepted him with time. Through mutual blessings and well wishes of both their families, Bobby and Tanya got married in 1996 and till date relies on being a simple and happy couple who shared two son of their name.

Jitendra and Sobha Kapoor:

Jitendra is a megastar and in his youthful days, his aura was tripple than what it is today. He was an actor submerged under abject stardum and amidst it, his name was often connected to several actresses. But as history states, Jitendra was staunchly determined to marry his childhood love, Shoba Kapoor. Both of them are believed to met in Marine Drive for the first time early in their lives and with a firm determination and close bonding of true love, they finally married each other on 31st of October, 1974.

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